Drawings. Once every now and then, when I get to go to my hometown in Tartu, Estonia I take some time to have a look at my drawings, that my mom has gathered around from the early years of my childhood, I think I was thinking about being an artist since I was 5 years old.. at least my first real good drawings are from those years. Over the years, my obsession for drawing has grown, settled in, been practiced to perfection... and is at the current level of profession mostly due to several teachers from my art school and university. I enjoy drawing fashion design, role-play characters and architectural buildings and details.

Digital Media. Now when I have my wireless tablet I enjoy doing arts even more. Starting a painting is like releasing your inspiration. Most of my digital paintings have grown through work into what they are now. The list of things that inspire me is very long, but most of all I enjoy seeing creative and talented people's work. That's how I get my ideas. It's the details, that matter!

Paintings. As I've been to an art school and also studied a bit of architecture (2 years), painting has been a huge part of my life. It's something that relaxes the mind and spirit. So whenever I have too many ideas in my head, I bring out my good old sketchbook and draw the ideas on paper, even if their not perfect, through that, come new ideas and that's the beauty of it.

Some of my work.