Ideas. Where do people get ideas? What makes them tick? What's the idea behind blogs, writing and sharing ideas? Sometimes it's just plainly the writing part, sometimes it's something esthetical, the need to share beautiful things. For me it's just letting myself go, letting the words flow.

Design. The design behind blogs and headers has been purely functional for me. Different headers allow me to share with the world the time, when one season changes into another one. When I change my attitude, grow older, maybe even wiser. And on some occasions, changing a header, the title of a blog, is caused by the fact that someone moves into this little blogging world of mine.

Blogs. I've been blogging for years by now, for me it serves the means of an eye opener, through writing I discover where I stand in my current life and find out how others respond to what I'm writing. Blogging is a way of living, you either dare to show how you feel and be open and experience the whole world in its beauty and ugliness, or you will close yourself down, and miss out on so much... purely because you're afraid. I chose to be open...

Some of my work.