Media. Have you noticed that media design itself is an opportunity? It's an opportunity to sell products, on paper! If you do not manage to do a great design behind the product, then there's no point of that design. Or well, at least you might have an esthetical and good advertisement.

Advertisements. Most of my contact with advertisements has a lot to do with the fact that my brother's wife owns a hair salon. Due to different circumstances I've had the chance to create several advertisements for her salon that follow their strict brand book and were used both for print and e-mail marketing.

Projects. As said already previously, I'm a brandbook-holic, I love to design little details to go together with my training materials and presentations. My project on Salon+ Norde designs included putting together collages for internal parties, creating flyers for international trade fairs, putting together e-mail and print advertisements. Doing this is bound to have its effect on one's way of thinking. For me, it taught, how to follow brand book principles. Doing print design is an eye-opening experience!

Some of my work.