Ideas. I must say, a key to a good web page is the idea behind it. It's the piece of art, the drawing, a rough sketch, pencil drawing or a photo. I gather my ideas from my imagination, therefore some of my own work can be very sketchy, romantic, feminine, sometimes edgy... but most of all simple. I believe there's beauty in simplicity.

Projects. I never thought that one day web design will find me. Most of my own work has come to me all of a sudden, through a coincidence and has been a playground. I can't say I'm a professional, but I love brainstorming and sketching for the sake of brainstorming. Even the most brilliant idea can come out complicated if not thought through.

Design. I'm a fan of romantic art type of web design. If I'm designing a web page for myself, I try to make it look as much like me as possible. For some reason, experience has shown that somehow the complications on my way disappear once I've started the project. However, on the other side, I'm a huge fan of different brand books; I admire the people that come up with concepts that get followed through the whole companies design. It's the details I love, the right colors, the right way of showing things and composition. It's like creating a new music piece, putting each tone to their right place.

Some of my work.